Are you looking to build an ecommerce site or grow the one you already have? Is your site getting found by potential customers? Are you getting indexed in Google Shopping? Are you getting conversions?

The programmers and project managers of Agile Consulting offer 10 years of experience working exclusively in the ecommerce space, with several more providing ecommerce consulting for Minnesota and Wisconsin companies. We know how to build and integrate ecommerce sites and systems that can increase your efficiency and drop the bottom line.

Growing your Ecommerce Business

“Build it and they will come…” It sounds nice and makes for a good story, but in ecommerce that’s not generally how things work. Once your site is up, people need to find you, consider your offerings, and if they decide to buy something, they expect a good buying experience and courteous, swift service and shipments. Agile Consulting knows the ins and outs of every aspect of the ecommerce business, and we’re ready to help you every step of the way, from SEO and paid search marketing to conversion optimization to inventory management and shipping.

We can also help you increase your market reach by helping you list your products programmatically in marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Wal Mart, Google, and PriceGrabber. We can help you implement drop shipping solutions to reduce your on-hand inventory. Or, we could just focus on adding new features to your ecommerce website, like recommended products, review systems, customer rewards, and more.

What’s On the Page Matters

Along with listing your products and offering a smooth buying experience, content is one of the most important aspects of an ecommerce site. This is true not only for your customers, but for the search engines as well.

With our Agile Content Services arm, we can efficiently provide you with unique content, including enticing, original product descriptions that are SEO-optimized to drive traffic and avoid duplicate content penalties that can hurt your Google rankings. Whether you have 50 or 50,000 products, we can scale to meet your needs thanks to our proprietary, efficient content creation platform and a pool of currently over 500 US-based freelance writers.

Analytics and More…

If online sales are a big part of your business plan, you should also be monitoring your site, its traffic, the level of user engagement, the relative success of your online marketing efforts, and your conversion funnel. Agile Consulting has you covered there, too. Our marketing team can review and explain your site analytics, monitor and suggest site revisions based on user experience testing, execute social media and email campaigns, or manage your paid search efforts.

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Ecommerce Integrations

Your ecommerce website will handle your sales, but on the back end is where many companies run into problems. Proper integrations with your inventory management system, shipping solutions, CRM, or other business process software can make a huge difference in your level of service and efficiency. Agile Consulting can help you make this happen.

Market Expansion

Any ecommerce company should be reaching as much of the online market as they can. By integrating and managing orders from sales channels outside of your ecommerce site (such as Amazon, Pricegrabber, etc.), you can increase your reach and find new opportunities.

Content & SEO

Many ecommerce companies miss out on organic search opportunities due to a lack of resources to keep product pages original and fresh. It's easy to get more products on your site by grabbing some data from the manufacturer or distributor, but duplicate content can hurt you. We can create unique product descriptions in a short timeframe on on a budget, manage content on your other pages, optimize on-page SEO, and more to help you maximize your organic search potential.

Conversion Optimization and UX

User experience plays a huge role in your conversion rate. Keeping users engaged and in the sales funnel improves the likelihood of conversion. We can assess your on-page engagement through UX tools, analytics, A/B testing, etc., make recommendations, and even help you implement them.

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