For data management in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Agile Consulting has you covered. We can perform ETL operations, handle data migrations, and even collect and massage data suited to your needs using our vast network of US-based freelancers. We can manage these projects end to end, and even build and integrate systems to make the work more efficient, reducing your end cost.

Our teams have handled millions of data collection and data massage tasks to provide information to our clients exactly the way they need it.

Agile Consulting can be your black box, “set it and forget it” data management services partner. If you’re ready to discuss your needs, drop us a line.

Data Massage

We can take your data and organize it to your specifications. This could be to sanitize it to protect private customer information, to reformat it to match a new database structure, or to turn spreadsheets into databases for reporting purposes. Whatever way you need to manipulate your data, we can help you make it happen.

Data Collection

Agile Consulting can perform data collection tasks customized to your needs. Whether you are looking for lead generation, customer reviews, survey data or something else, we can leverage technology and our pool of freelance talent to get you the information you need.

Data Scraping and Manipulation

If you have ETL or scraping needs, we can build the tools and perform the work you need. Whenever human interaction is required, we have freelancers available to handle that as well.

Human Intelligence Tasks

Sometimes short-term and recurring projects need people to perform simple tasks, from data entry to language-based decisions. Our pool of over 500 freelancers is available to perform this work, and we can customize our proprietary work platform to ensure the work is done accurately and efficiently.

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